Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collaboration between fruit grower and B&B owner yields sweet results

Daring Drake farm has been providing its CSA members* with some daring fruits this year.  Unusual, under-utilized, and new-to-many fruits have been the mainstay of the spring shares.  But what to do with them?  

One CSA member, the owner of the Hayward House B&B in Interlaken, has experimented with different recipes and posted them for our benefit.  In July alone, the sweet recipe results have included:
Oven-roasted plum cakes
Seaberry almost pie
Black and red currant tarts
Gooseberry pie
Berry corn muffins

Some easier options are mentioned on the Daring Drake blog, like throwing black currants into chocolate chip cookies, making simple gooseberry fool, or even mixing up a gooseberry cocktail, with bourbon, seltzer, and lemonade.

Can you name these berries?

*Yes, I'm a CSA member.  Yum.

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  1. Thanks for reading the recipes. We LOVE the Daring Drakesters! If you can, stop at the farm and check out the ducks...they are worth the trip.

  2. Glad you noticed we linked to your recipes -- thanks for sharing them! It's pretty tough to know what to do with these fruits when you've never had them before, even though it's fun to experiment!