Monday, January 11, 2010

The tyranny of the fridge

What if someone took a photo of your fridge right now?  What would the photo reveal about you?  Would you feel embarrassed, proud, or just... who cares?

After learning about Mark Menjivar's photo essay project on refrigerators, I've been thinking about my fridge.  The freezer is on the bottom, which doesn't really work for me.  Before I cleaned it out last week, it was cramped and... dirty.  Literally.  The dirt comes in on veggies, which are straight from the farm, thanks to a CSA.

Often, my fridge feels like it's overflowing with veggies.  I can't always keep up with them, I don't know what to do with them.  They bruise as I try to cram them in the drawers.  And then it dawned on me.

WHY does the fridge feel like it's overflowing with veggies?

Sure, there are a lot of veggies.  But those crisper drawers are so darn small.

But wait, who decided on the size of those drawers?  And when?  And based on what information?  Is it possible that the design of our refrigerators might subconsciously influence what we fill it with?  Could it be that current refrigerator design makes me feel like a freak for having so many vegetables around?  I mean, if we were to design a fridge now, from scratch, based on current ideas about health, wouldn't we make... 3/4 of the fridge ideal for veggies?

So, I decided to take control of my fridge for the new year.  First I took everything out* and cleaned.  Then, I assessed the shelving.  How to fix that cramped feeling?  Ah hah!  I took one shelf completely out and banished it to the basement.  Ahhh, now the fridge emits a much calmer feeling when opened.

Now, I just need to find extra veggie drawers.  Then would I be willing to post a photo of it?  Probably not.

*Amazingly, I didn't find anything frighteningly mysterious hiding in the back.  I even found gems: a few forgotten herbs from the summer, wrapped in paper towels, which had dried nicely and retained their fragrance, and are now stored in jars in my pantry.

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