Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recipe: Sandwiches for dinner

Expecting to cook a lot for upcoming holiday dinners, I threw together a couple of easy dinners this week. One doesn't even deserve a recipe: grilled cheese with all the veggie leftover side-dishes sitting in the fridge. The second was a surprisingly good invention. Here's the recipe:

Port0bello Mushroom Sandwich Surprise*

Peel, then grate a small kohlrabi and a small carrot. Heat oil or butter in a pan and saute grated veggies until slightly browned. Grate some cheese and stir into the veggies, along with freshly ground pepper. Remove from pan. Then, add more oil or butter and saute a portobello mushroom cap until soft. Turn off heat.

Mix a little mayonnaise with a little horseradish and spread onto slices of whole wheat bread (toasted, if you like). Then assemble the sandwhich: bread, mushroom, and grated veggies. Add more cheese if you want. Serve with a heaping side of homemade applesauce.


*I easily found all the ingredients except the portabella and horseradish locally this time of year. Any suggestions on where to get them locally?

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