Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweetland Farm celebrates the end of their "summer" CSA

For many people, eating locally means joining a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Different CSA's work differently, but most involve a box of veggies each week straight from a nearby farm.  CSA's aren't just for summer eating, winter CSA shares --including veggies, meat, and eggs-- are also available here in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

This week, CSA members of Sweetland Farm in Trumansburg are getting their last "summer" shares.  "Summer" actually includes 26 weeks, in this case.  Sweetland grower Evangaline Sarat did some math to summarize what their members ate each week on average over the season:

100 celeriac, 
300 pounds of carrots, 
10 bushels of potatoes, 
375 winter squash, 
375 garlic bulbs, 
12 thirty gallon totes of kale, 
2 thirty gallon totes of collards, 
750 heads of broccoli, 
350 heads of lettuce, 
150 pounds of beets, 
and about 200 bunches of celery. 

And that's not all -- they also ate snow peas, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and more.  That's a lot of veggies.

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