Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Artists respond to natural gas drilling

Here are a few artists' responses to natural gas drilling in upstate New York:

A song from Lisa Ann Wright: Don't Go Frackin' Round in My Backyard "Landmen have been approaching landowners in upstate NY about leasing their land for natural gas extraction, which uses a process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking."

Just posted on youtube:
"Ithaca, NY singer/songwriter Will Fudeman takes his tongue from his cheek to sing his new song about impending "hydrofracking" natural gas drilling that huge energy corporations intend to bring to the hills, valleys, forest, and farms of upstate New York, promising to transform the landscape more than anything since the clearing of the forests 200 years ago. To learn more, see"

Another videographer, Shira Golding, is collaborating with the Dacha Project the create "Frac attack," a short environmental zombie thriller.

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