Friday, October 2, 2009

USDA launches "Know your farmer, know your food" campaign

The USDA has launched a "know your farmer, know your food" campaign to "create new economic opportunities for communities."

Specifically, in New York State, funding has gone to:

-Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County - $98,570 (EBT budget $98,570)
-Greenmarket, Council on the Environment of New York City - $100,000 (EBT budget -$26,511)
-Friends of the Rochester Public Market - $100,000

Throughout the country, the initiatives include:

-$3.4 million in funding for collaborative outreach and assistance programs to socially disadvantaged and under-served farmers and helping them adopt new and direct marketing practices.

-new economic opportunities for small meat and poultry establishments, whose markets are currently limited, and allow them to ship across state lines.

-$4.4 million in grants to help 23 local business cooperatives in 19 states. The member-driven and member-owned cooperative business model has been successful for rural enterprises, and bring rural communities closer to the process of moving from production-to-consumption as they work to improve their products and expand their appeal in the marketplace.

-Rural Business Opportunity Grant of $150,000 to the Northwest Food Processors Association to strengthen the relationship between local food processors and customers in parts of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and will also help the group reduce energy consumption.

The following video from the USDA explains the initiative.

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