Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Group requests sustainability-focused Dean for Cornell Ag School

As Cornell officials search for a new Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), a campus group is offering input with a lengthy open letter.   

“We feel that CALS is well positioned to be a leader in sustainable agriculture, agroecology, and food justice / food sovereignty because of our history of excellence in agricultural sciences, nutrition, and rural development. … Cornell is a national and international leader in many fields, but this is not yet the case in the rapidly growing field of sustainable agriculture, which is now widely recognized as vital for the future,” writes The New World Agriculture and Ecology Group (NWAEG) in the letter, which is addressed to Ronald L. Seeber, Vice Provost for Land-Grant Affairs, Michael W. Matier, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, and the Cornell University CALS Dean Search Committee.

The letter continues by asking that the search committee seek a Dean who: 

-advances “a productive and sustainable agriculture, promoting a wise stewardship of the environment, and facilitating individual and community health and well-being.” 

-is a “knowledgeable leader in sustainable agriculture and agroecology.”

-is committed to… “educational programs in sustainable agriculture and agroecology.” 

-“will support education, research and extension that aids in redesigning food systems to minimize their impact on global climate change.” 

-will address “the concerns of marginalized voices in the dialogue surrounding food system change (e.g., small family farms, low income people, and communities of color” 

-“demonstrates a commitment to academic integrity and to informal and possibly formal development of codes of conduct to maintain a focus on sustainability in agricultural research and extension, especially in cases when such activities are funded by the private sector.”   

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  1. This is exciting news. I hope this is the case.