Monday, September 14, 2009

Elementary school ice cream social features healthy alternatives

At Belle Sherman Elementary School’s ice cream social last week, students and their parents had the chance to try something other than ice cream.  A new group, focused on healthy school foods, offered yogurt smoothies, fancy-but-healthy-snacks, and taste tests of different vegetables.

For the taste tests, participants closed their eyes and then attempted to distinguish between similar vegetables pairs, such as purple and orange carrots, yellow and green beans, and yellow and green summer squash.  Regardless of accuracy, kids got a sticker for trying.  Throughout the event, teen and preteen volunteers served the food and offered recipes to a steady stream of interested kids.   

Parents Christine Porter and Jennifer English spearheaded the healthy foods information table.  The pair will serve as co-wellness coordinators for the school this year.  In that capacity, they recently applied for a national PTA (parents and teachers association) grant to buy fruit and vegetable “sectioners” for the school, which will be used in math classes and at community school events.   

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