Monday, September 28, 2009

Cornell Fall Festival Dinner highlighted sustainable agriculture

On September 24, Cornell Dining hosted a "Farm to You" Harvest Dinner at a North Campus dining hall, featuring a meal made with local foods and talks by Suvir Saran, a chef, farmer, and author, and other local food experts.

Chef Saran narrated a slide show about his farm in Washington County where he raises heritage livestock breeds.  For example, one of his sheep varieties is "triple purpose," meaning that it can be used for meat, milk and fiber on a small family farm - as opposed to modern breeds that are intended for a single use, such as meat only, on large farms.  The program also covered topics like profitability in local agriculture, community gardens, learning to farm as an adult, and cooking.

Local sausages, cheeses, and a vegan succotash hot dish with sweet corn and lima beans were some of the highlights of the meal.  Hundreds of undergraduates tasted the meal, and signs and displays offered information about the New York State origin of the foods.

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