Saturday, February 16, 2013

Youth Farm Project asks for donations

The Youth Farm Project is an experiential, educational program for local high school youth, engaging them in local issues concerning food justice and environmental health, while teaching them the skills and techniques needed to grow food sustainably, and distribute it throughout our community at affordable cost.
The program makes purposeful use of this forum to help participants cross neighborhood and socioeconomic boundaries, bringing a diverse group of area high school youth together in a program that empowers them to make positive change in their/our community.

While youth from a number of area schools are involved with the Youth Farm, the LACS community and curriculum are integrally linked to this program. Many of the crew members, crew leaders, VISTA volunteers, and college interns are either current LACS students or recent LACS graduates. A number of courses, projects, and committees are linked to the Farm in a variety of ways; helping to start plants, tend crops, harvest produce and make it "kitchen ready" for our LACS Café. Through these connections, the high school Ecology course, the Localvores Family Group/Committee, the Café Committee, a variety of on farm and parent directed projects, a number of individual community service placements in the Café itself, and (soon) our health courses are all making purposeful connections with the Youth Farm.

If you value the work represented by this program, please consider supporting it through a tax-deductible donation. As a not for profit educational initiative, the Youth Farm program is fundamentally dependent on this level of community support.  Donations can be sent to "The youth Farm Project" at our farm: 23 Nelson Road, Ithaca, New York 14850 or made online through the following link:

Thank you for your consideration,

Dan Flerlage, for the Youth Farm Project

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