Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Youth Farm Project Holiday sale: Affordable organic produce, jams, pesto

Announcement from the Youth Farm Project:

The Youth Farm Project & LACS Localvores Holiday Produce Sale will be this Thursday (12/20/12) at LACS from 3:25 until 5:00.

We will have lots of fresh produce from the Youth Farm, as well as TONS of frozen pesto and jam that the Localvores have been working on throughout the fall....

Proceeds benefit the Youth Farm Project & LACS Localvores

The Youth Farm Project includes local youth from diverse social and economic backgrounds as integral participants in building an equitable local food community.

Accordingly we :
-Involve local youth in growing, harvesting, donating, selling, eating and preserving healthy food.
-Connect youth to local and global issues concerning food justice and the environmental impact of our current food systems.
-Share inspiring responses to these issues which involve youth from around the world.
-Teach organic growing methods and their role in sustainable farming.
-Provide a place where youth from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to come together and learn about each other and learn to work as a group toward a common goal.
-Help youth understand the relationship between the foods that we choose to eat and our personal health.
-Offer youth an opportunity to create something of real worth for themselves, their families, and community.

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